Where it all began..

Who we are:

Aleppo, the oldest city in the world. Where main textiles were passed through or from. The founder of Oulabitex Ahmad Oulabi has began his journey of perfecting weaving and knitting fabric in the city of textiles. As the company grew the style and experience has surfaced through his sons and carried on by the next generation. With the family's enthusiasm, team work and effort expansion went underway to bring the company to the international standard. Unfortunately, after the terrible situation in Syria. The shareholder of the company has established a new company in Cairo finding new opportunities to its international hub. We are today as Grandsons of the Textile family expanding, developing and designing products that consumers can depend on.

Family Orineted business started in 1953

First Factroy Launch Ahmed Oulabi 1953

Fabric Manufacturing and Designing 1975

1990s Entering Russian Market

Best Spinning Mill in the ME 2000

2001 Weaving machines installed

Printing and Finishing 2002

Ready Made ups 2003

Heimtextile 2003 

New Launch in Egypt 2014 

New Facilities in Egypt

We have carried on our journey in Egypt starting off, with our new weaving facility producing high standard fabric to our Preparation, Printing, Dying, Finishing factory. Our aim is to become one of the major suppliers of textiles products for our customers. At top quality. Vertical and Horizontal expansion is under way.
Range of Our Products:
-Bottom Wear
- Furniture Fabric

Home Textiles

1.6 Million M/Month


1 Million


Expansion in Egypt

As the fierce competition grows in the international market, our new prime location in Cairo; Allows us to have a better reach to the main textile market hubs faster routs of our delivery time.
​​​​​​​Time and Quality will never be a concern for our customers.

Location Egypt....

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

          Great designers are trained within the company to satisfy your taste of fabric in co-operating with different international designing teams to aspire better quality and the stylists designs possible. Experience from across the world meet in one location Oulabitex, Cairo, Egypt.  
The combination of all talents and the work with European machines working together to produce the best and most competitive products on the market.

Can you produce?

       Most customers wonder where and how to produce quality products. At our new facilities all these concerns become a road to success. With our built up eperience over passed generation and facility capabilities. We are able to peoduce diffrent kinds of fabric but at the ultimate quality. Our products range from, Upholstery, Bed wear, Furniture fabric, Bottom and Top wear garments. All can be found in different spricifactions printed or dyed with a perfect finish.

Location and delivery?

    With our prime location Cairo, Egypt which is located in the middle of the world. We have access to all markets across the planet. Also with the countries great trade agreements with almost all international markets, exporting has never been an issue. Egypt's two great sea ports Alexanderia and Sokhna, exporting to USA or Europe is never and issue which result in decrease of time and increas in efficiency.